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Q: Why can't I just pick a picture of an arrangement to be sent?

A: Flowers are seasonal and we want you to be happy! We never want to promise something that we cannot get or is not in season, and we also want to put extra love into everything that goes out the door. Promising an exact picture or replica is unrealistic based on availability, but also takes some of the fun out of what we do. We love creating for you and we hope that the pictures of our work will give you full confidence that we will create something beautiful for you or your loved one.

Q: Do you deliver on weekends?

A: We do offer delivery on select Saturdays, but typically Saturdays are reserved for event and wedding setups. Sundays are reserved for our families.

Q: Do you have a minimum for daily deliveries?

A: Yes. Our minimum for delivery is $135. With our volume and product, we want to make sure anything you get from us is "park cities petals" signature style and to achieve the fullness and quality that we strive for, our arrangements start at $135. This is a small sized arrangement that works well on a coffee table or desk. Our delivery fee is $19.

Q: Do you have a minimum for weddings?

A: Unless you're wanting just handwork for an intimate at-home or court house ceremony, etc., our full wedding services typically range between $8,000-25,000. We do not offer partial wedding services. If your wedding vision isn't something we specialize in, we will always communicate that to you before booking or getting too far down the planning road. We will always ask specific questions to help us understand what you're hoping for and to make sure we are the best fit for your big day!

Q: Can I stop by and purchase something in studio?

A: We are a studio and don't keep regular hours, but would love to see you if we are in and available. Please feel free to call us to see if we are in before popping over, and we will make sure we are ready for you. 214.443.0002. Also, everything we make is custom, so if you want something for pickup, we are happy to get it ready for you before you stop by.

Q: Can you use my special container or vessel for my arrangement?

A: We love using your containers and customizing your flowers for you. We can schedule a pickup of your vases or you're welcome to schedule a time to drop them off to us anytime.

Q: Can you send me a picture of what I'm sending before you deliver it?

A: We can't promise a picture for approval before something is delivered. We are a small shop with a volume that does not allow for time to make edits before something goes out the door. However, we are always happy to share a picture of what we sent on your behalf when time allows - this may be later in the day after the flowers have gone out for delivery. Please make a special request if you're hoping for a picture of the arrangement you order, and rest assured that we won't send anything out that isn't "park cities petals" style.

Q: Do you offer subscription services?

A: Yes, we do! You're welcome to book all of your holidays in advance and we can have the important dates on the books to take the stress of last minute ordering off of your plate and ours. We do book out in advance and frequently are not available to send same day or even a few days out before a major holiday.

Q: It's still only a week from a big holiday and you say you're sold out. Can you squeeze me in?

A: We are a small shop and we pride ourselves on both quality and service. At a certain point, both of those things suffer if we take on too many order. We so appreciate your business and understanding when we are too busy to take more orders. We always want our flowers to be representative of our brand and aesthetic, and limiting the number of hands working on our creations is our goal in order to keep you consistently happy with our product. We highly recommend pre-booking all of your important dates with us in advance so we can make sure to send something beautiful for you on the days that matter!

Q: How long will my flowers last?

A: Our flowers typically last between 4-7 days. We recommend adding water to the vase daily (or changing it) to help retain maximum freshness. Please note that in a mixed arrangement, some flower varieties will last longer than others (i.e. peony will shed before a rose will soften, hydrangea will wilt quickly if water isn't added regularly). Any concerns over freshness need to be made within 3 days of receipt. We cannot control environment, water level, and care of your arrangement once it leaves our shop.

Q: I've received a plant from you. How long will it last?

A. This is a tricky question! Not everyone has a green thumb and not every home has the perfect spot for an orchid or succulent. Because of these factors, we are unable to guarantee the life of a plant. As a studio, all of our plants arrive weekly because we do not have to keep stock on display like a retail store does. Every plant we send is fresh and because we are unable to control the watering schedule, plant location, and maintenance once a plant leaves our shop and is delivered to your home, we can't predict how long they will last. However, we do guarantee our plants will last much longer than a fresh arrangement!